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RockeTruck delivers sustainable electric power with highly customizable systems with different combinations of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells

Versatile PowerBox™ delivers zero emission power for a spectrum of electric power generator and vehicle applications

Hydrogen fuel cells


Lithium-ion battery modules

Primary uses

  • Mobile backup electric power
  • Permanent standby electric power
  • Integrated battery-electric and fuel cell-battery chassis for trucks and buses

Design features

  • Compact 90'w x 90"l x 30"h
  • Flexible interfaces accommodate a variety of battery and fuel cell products
  • Can be skid-mounted, containerized, or chassis-mounted (frame rail or "skateboard") 

Electric Multi-Use (EMU™) Chassis


Zero-emission rolling chassis

  • Customize battery and fuel cell power output using chassis-mounted PowerBox
  • Electrified axle reduces parts count and frees up space for energy storage

Truck and bus applications

  • Newly manufactured trucks and buses
  • Retrofit existing trucks and buses
  • Up to Class 8 (80,000 lb. gross vehicle weight)

Mobile Fuel Cell Generator

Trailer Layout CAD - 01-13-22.png

Power output

  • 60 kW continuous/100 kW peak (as shown - higher power available on request) 
  • 120 VAC single-phase to 480 VAC three-phase
  • Duration: typically 12-48 hours; can be extended with hydrogen refueling 

Vertically integrated "StarShip"-style Class 8 truck - longer operating range, lower total cost of ownership

Electric Multi-Use (EMU) Chassis

  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Higher battery storage capacity

StarShip-style body design

  • Lower weight and aerodynamic drag
  • Increases energy efficiency by one-third

Maximizing zero-emission operating range

Range Comparison.jpg
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