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Batteries you can bank on.

CUSP Generation 1 uses lithium iron phosphate batteries manufactured by CATL, the world’s largest manufacturer of EV batteries.  The CUSP modular battery pack design supports energy storage capacities ranging from 210 to 840 kWh.  

Future CUSP variants will offer alternative battery chemistries such as nickel manganese cobalt aluminum (NMCA) to improve energy density and reduce costs. 

Electrified axles. 

CUSP is designed to use the “eAxle,” an electrified axle product where the drive motor is integrated into the axle structure.  This eliminates the driveline, improving mechanical efficiency and freeing up space within the CUSP chassis for batteries and other components.  


Electrically-driven accessories.

Electrically-driven accessories power steering, braking, HVAC, and other auxiliary systems using a variety of power conversion devices, motors, pumps, and compressors.  

The CUSP chassis uses accessories developed and refined over the past two decades.

Electric Vehicle controls.

EV controls manage the flow of energy and enable safe, efficient control of the vehicle.

The CUSP chassis uses the EV controls validated with all components used in the CUSP chassis to the highest industry standards.

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