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A body as beautiful as its soul.


The RockeTruck 801 is painstakingly engineered to combine beauty and practicality into a modern truck design you will be proud to own.  Composite materials reduce weight, while streamlined surfaces produce a drag coefficient comparable to the most aerodynamic passenger cars.

A truck built around the technology. 

The RockeTruck 801 is built around the CUSP skateboard design and its compact electrified axle, providing space for an extra-large battery pack.  Increased battery capacity, combined with aerodynamic efficiency, delivers up to 500 miles in operating range.  

Chassis, Phase 1 - 07-07-21 (1).png



Motor Number and Type: 2 brushless permanent magnet motors

Motor Configuration: Integrated into Meritor electrified axle (“eAxle”)

Total Power (2 Motors): 400 kW continuous/500 kW peak

Total Torque: (2 Motors): 1,040 nm continuous/2,000 nm peak

Inverter Type: High-frequency silicon IGBT

Operating Voltage: 550-700 VDC


Module Number and Type: 3 to 12 CATL H01-Packs

Chemistry: Lithium iron phosphate

Thermal control method: Pumped water-glycol

Total energy storage capacity: 210 to 840 kWh (70 kWh per module)

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