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About Us

RockeTruck develops and manufactures clean, integrated power generation systems to support the global transformation to a zero-carbon economy

RockeTruck Gallery

Our Vision

RockeTruck’s vision is to help sustain Earth’s ecosystem and improve our quality of life by changing the way power is generated and delivered.

Dr. Paul Scott presenting at Fuel Cell Seminar

Our Mission

RockeTruck’s mission is to achieve our vision by delivering power generation systems, components, and technologies that utilize clean, sustainable fuels.

Building inverter rack.jpg

Jurgen building inverter rack

Our Approach 

RockeTruck’s approach is to integrate proven components into innovative power system architectures to accelerate near-term adoption, while working in parallel to develop disruptive new core technologies to enable long-term system performance improvements and cost reductions.

Mike and Josh fitting enclosure panels

Our Executive Summary

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