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RockeTruck's vertically-integrated battery energy storage capabilities provide customers with access to the most advanced technologies at the battery cell component and integrated system level, enabling RockeTruck to deliver highly customized energy storage products with superior energy storage capacity and safety, at the lowest possible cost. Through its partnership with American Lithium Energy (ALE), RockeTruck offers cells and integrated battery packs using proprietary ALE cell chemistries that deliver an industry-leading cell energy density of 350 watt-hours per kilogram. Advanced ALE technologies also provide increased safety at the cell level with chemistries that inhibit the transfer of thermal energy from cell to cell. Additional safety margins are incorporated at the battery module/pack level through RockeTruck's use of advanced insulating technologies developed by world-class suppliers and partners such as AVL and H.B. Fuller. Integration of these advanced energy storage technologies draws upon nearly three decades of experience RockeTruck's leadership team has accumulated in designing and manufacturing battery energy storage systems for heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and microgram applications.

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