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Zero-Emisson Transportation

Product Overview

RockeTruck is designing advanced transportation systems to comply with zero-emission truck and bus mandates by the time they begin taking broad effect in 2030.

These future products include an aerodynamic Class 8 truck tractor that will use fuel cells and batteries to achieve a zero-emission operating range of more than 1,000 miles with a full 80,000-pound gross vehicle weight.

The core building block of this truck, RockeTruck’s Electric Multi-Use (EMU™) chassis, features a modular design that will enable it to also power smaller vehicles with shorter operating range, including local delivery trucks, school buses, and transit buses. The core enabling technologies for the EMU™ chassis will evolve logically from those being used by RockeTruck in its Mobile Fuel Cell Generators and other products today.

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Lithium-ion Battery Modules

Electrified axle

Fuel cells  or additional batteries

Applications and Benefits

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Rendering of Fuel Cell Journeyer

Class 8 truck tractors using RockeTruck’s advanced designs and hydrogen fuel cells for range extension will be the first zero-emission trucks capable of performing long-haul trucking on a cost-effective basis. 

Fuel cell power, battery storage, and hydrogen fuel capacity can also be optimized for shorter-range Class 8 truck applications, such as regional hauling and refuse collection.  The same components can also be used safely and economically in large transit buses and school buses. 

The length of the modular EMU™ chassis can be adjusted depending on the type of vehicle being powered.  The EMU™ chassis can also be used to convert existing trucks and buses to battery-electric or fuel-cell operation, offering a new, more economical way of repowering vehicles currently operating on fossil fuels.

Product Downloads:

Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck Spec Sheet *Content coming soon.*
Class 8 Battery-Electric Truck Spec Sheet *Content coming soon.*
Type C Electric School Bus Spec Sheet *Content coming soon.*

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