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Zero-Emission Generators

Product Overview

RockeTruck offers a variety of mobile and stationary zero-emission generators to meet sustainable power generation needs. RockeTruck’s Mobile Fuel Cell Generator (MFCG), using the most advanced hydrogen fuel cells, can be transported on short notice to deliver clean power during unexpected grid outages or to support off-grid activities and events.

The MFCG Ultra™ can be towed with its large onboard hydrogen supply to deliver enough power to sustain a large business or several homes for several days without refueling.

The MFCG Mini™, installed in a pickup truck, is a more portable, cost-effective option for meeting shorter-duration power needs. Both versions of the MFCG utilize battery packs to augment the fuel cells, and RockeTruck also offers pure battery-based energy storage systems.

Fuel cell and battery components can also be permanently installed to provide standby backup power for homes and businesses or can be integrated into microgrids to meet a variety of sustainable energy needs.

MFCG Ultra

Automotive Fuel cell

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Hydrogen Storage

Custom Trailer

Flexible Power Conversion

Rendering of MCFG Mini

Applications and Benefits

Rendering of MCFG Ultra

The MFCG can provide backup power during wildfires and other local emergencies, deliver sustainable power for remote, off-grid communities to help achieve more equitable energy outcomes, and improve resiliency by providing a new, highly flexible and transportable distributed energy resource. 

For routine portable power needs such as powering construction sites or outdoor entertainment venues, the MFCG offers a quiet, “green” alternative to portable generators that use diesel, natural gas, or propane fuel.  With carbon credits and other incentives, the MFCG can also be highly economical.

More Information

MFCG Ultra Data Sheet *Content coming soon.*

MFCG Mini Data Sheet *Content coming soon.*

California Energy Commission MFCG Project Fact Sheet

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