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RockeTruck Secures $4M in Funding for Fuel Cell Generator

March 22, 2022



RockeTruck, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced clean power systems, today announced that it has secured $4 million in funding commitments to support development of its first major new product, the "Mobile Fuel Cell Generator" (MFCG).


The MFCG is a fully integrated, portable electric power generation system that uses a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries to produce clean electric power.  The MFCG can deliver up to 100 kilowatts (kW) of power (60 kW continuously), emitting zero greenhouse gases or toxic pollutants in the process.  The MFCG is designed to be mounted on a trailer or installed into a small truck, allowing the generator to be quickly transported to any location.


"The MFCG is an attractive alternative to portable diesel and gasoline generators, which are noisy and highly polluting," according to RockeTruck CEO Michael Simon, a serial entrepreneur whose companies have been developing clean energy and transportation products for the past three decades.

Primary funding for the MFCG comes from a $3 million grant awarded to RockeTruck by the California Energy Commission (CEC), which sought proposals in 2021 for Mobile Renewable Backup Generation to address the growing problem of grid power outages caused by wildfires.  RockeTruck was one of two companies selected by the CEC for funding of large, independent backup generators, out of fifteen competitors.


The MFCG's high power output, portability, and environmental benefits will open up many additional markets, as a stand-alone generator or as part of renewable microgrids.  The list of potential MFCG uses includes construction sites, outdoor entertainment venues, backup power for data centers, and power generation for remotely located off-grid communities.

The balance of the $4M MFCG investment will be covered with private capital raised by RockeTruck and contributed by two investor-owned utilities collaborating with RockeTruck.

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