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RockeTruck Joins Clean Energy Holdings as an Alliance Partner to Deliver Infrastructure and Transportation Solutions

June 7, 2022 


Bair Energy (BE), representing the Clean Energy Holdings LLC platform (CEH), announced today that RockeTruck of Escondido, California, has joined the Clean Energy Holdings Alliance (The Alliance).  RockeTruck will provide infrastructure and transportation technology support to Coast 2 Coast Logistics (C2C) of Medford, Oregon, another alliance member. 


RocketTruck will work closely with C2C to evaluate, develop, and improve green transportation systems.  The C2C team will be working hand in hand with the technology developers and seasoned veterans at RockeTruck to evaluate and implement proven green transportation technologies.  They will also be at the leading edge of advanced zero-emission technologies to ensure that the entire process of green hydrogen development and marketing from production to delivery remains green and emission-free. 


The advanced Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies currently in development by RockeTruck for power generation, transportation, and mobility solutions will be utilized by the Alliance to minimize the carbon footprint of its transportation operations and to create future opportunities to expand the utilization of hydrogen in trucking and other heavy-duty vehicle applications. The Alliance will advise on design solutions and offer projects that will integrate new technologies as they are proven to solve key transportation issues that currently face the green hydrogen industry.


RockeTruck brings advanced Class 8 truck designs to the Alliance and its experienced management team has a proven track record developing electric and fuel cell-powered trucks and buses, leading technology advancements starting with success of the team as they pioneered the green hydrogen evolution from concept to commercial delivery starting in the 1990’s. One example, The Starship-style Class 8 design (aerodynamically advanced design for fuel optimization) is the leading-edge solution for our projects...

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